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P90X2 Questions Answered (FAQ)

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P90X: Muscle Confusion 2 (P90X2) will be available for pre-order beginning September 1st 2011 for Beachbody Coaches and Teambeachbody members. It will be available for everyone else beginning on September 5th.

Beachbody Advice Staff: 8 Most Asked Questions

From the Beachbody Newsletter.

By Denis Faye



Sleep and Muscle Growth

By Karen Tonnis

Your mission: To add bulk, or form some well-defined curves. The prescription: Get some sleep!

Crazy as it sounds, that's the advice you'll get from bodybuilders, trainers, professional coaches, and fitness experts in general. The fact is your body can only heal, repair, and grow during deep sleep.

You can be doing the right things—perfectly portioning out your food, doing hardcore lifting that pushes you to the edge—but all that effort will be negated without enough recovery.


Confessions of a Former Workaholic: 6 Easy Ways to Find Time for Fitness

By Tara Igoe

From the P90X #088 Newsletter.


6 Reasons Yoga's Great for Guys

By Denis Faye

All right, gentlemen—how often have you been in this situation? It's Thursday afternoon and you got off work a little early. It's been a stressful week and you could use a good sweat. You try to get a few friends together for some hoops, but no luck, so you pop in a P90X® workout.

Man Doing Yoga Poses



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