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No Distractions!

Indulgence - Distractions
Are you distracted when it comes to eating healthy? Does this compromise your goals of getting in shape? Do you reach for that cheeseburger, that ice cream cone, or that box of sweets?
Maybe you are the type that is distracted by a video game, T.V., surfing the web, twitter, or facebook?
This happens to every one of us.
An actor comedian, Steve Martin, once said that throughout his life he put away the distractions that kept him from reaching his goals. It took him years to reach that goal, but he did.
What can you do to stop, or become aware, of these distractions?
You could get rid of the distraction. Remove it permanently from the house, cancel T.V., get rid of internet, etc… this doesn’t last very long as most people cannot make drastic changes. Changes need to be slower and smaller.
Instead, try using post-it notes.
Write the words, No Distractions!”
Place them on everything that distracts you. Place them on the T.V., on the T.V. remote, on the cupboard, on the refrigerator/freezer, place them inside the freezer if needed! You may ignore one, but you will likely see the other.
Don’t worry about what friends or others think. You are making changes in your life that make you feel better. If they are not congratulating you on what you are doing then their opinions do not matter.
If you eat something unhealthy and can’t resist, despite your note, don’t beat yourself up. Nobody is perfect. However, do try. Take small steps. Focus on the here and now and your goal of saying “No!” for that day, evening, or meal. You’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish by taking small steps. This can be applied to many areas of your life, not just unheatlhy eating.
For myself, junk food is my weakness. Sugar in particular. I place sticky notes on the cabinets.

Please comment if you have suggestions on what helps you to stick with your goals and plans.

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