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"Focus on the Activity instead of the results."


The Next X: What's New About P90X2?


The working title of this project was MC2. That's for Muscle Confusion™ 2, and of course, there's going to be more of what made the original so special. But this time around, we're taking Muscle Confusion to a whole new level, maybe even times two. To understand why requires a little bit of history.

Pre-order P90X2! Now Available!

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The wait is over! P90X2 is now available for pre-order! P90X MC2 promises to be the most intense, effective, and rewarding workouts ever. But please note that there are only a LIMITED NUMBER of copies available before the Holidays. The initial copies are going to sell quickly. So if you are planning to start the new year with P90X2 and want it before Christmas, you'd better order now!

When you pre-order P90X2 from me, you'll also get:

P90X2 is not P90X harder. It’s P90X different.

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P90X MC2 (P90X2) pre-order is open to coaches and Teambeachbody customers from September 1st to September 5th.

Tony Horton has been discussing P90X2 and the following is a summary of what he said during a P90X2 Breakfast call.

P90X2 Questions Answered (FAQ)

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P90X: Muscle Confusion 2 (P90X2) will be available for pre-order beginning September 1st 2011 for Beachbody Coaches and Teambeachbody members. It will be available for everyone else beginning on September 5th.

Beachbody Advice Staff: 8 Most Asked Questions

From the Beachbody Newsletter.

By Denis Faye



Dead Tired, Lethargic, Lack of Focus, Sleepy?


Here are some tips for when you are unproductive and dead tired:


The Beachbody Challenge is ON!

The wait is over. This year's biggest transformation game is underway, and there's no tellin' what might happen! Here's a preview of what's in store from a prize perspective:


Sleep and Muscle Growth

By Karen Tonnis

Your mission: To add bulk, or form some well-defined curves. The prescription: Get some sleep!

Crazy as it sounds, that's the advice you'll get from bodybuilders, trainers, professional coaches, and fitness experts in general. The fact is your body can only heal, repair, and grow during deep sleep.

You can be doing the right things—perfectly portioning out your food, doing hardcore lifting that pushes you to the edge—but all that effort will be negated without enough recovery.



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