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Stop looking for approval

"Stop looking for approval, and believe that your own health, fitness, and quality of life are far more important than how others perceive you." - From Tony Horton's book Bring-it.

Focus on the Activity

"Focus on the Activity instead of the results."

An appetite for fruitful activity

"The healthy individual has an appetite for fruitful activity and for a high quality of life." - George Bernard Shaw

No Distractions!

Indulgence - Distractions
Are you distracted when it comes to eating healthy? Does this compromise your goals of getting in shape? Do you reach for that cheeseburger, that ice cream cone, or that box of sweets?
Maybe you are the type that is distracted by a video game, T.V., surfing the web, twitter, or facebook?
This happens to every one of us.
An actor comedian, Steve Martin, once said that throughout his life he put away the distractions that kept him from reaching his goals. It took him years to reach that goal, but he did.

Seven motivating tips to keep you moving it and losing it!

Losing steam? Then now is the perfect time to read RevAbs® guru and Biggest Loser trainer Brett Hoebel's seven most motivating tips to keep you moving it and losing it!

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